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  • Starting a yoga practice

    In 1995, I turned to yoga to help with chronic back pain I was trying to overcome as a result of scoliosis and anatomical anomalies in my spine. I tried traditional physical therapy and strengthening as well as chiropractic care, but I was still in pain. Somebody suggested yoga, so

  • Yoga For Beginners

    Yoga For Beginners

    Yoga is a form of exercise which focuses on promoting general health and well being by using techniques meant to not only better your body, but your mental well being as well. It is an ancient practice which came from India more than five thousand years ago. The word “Yoga”

  • Health Benefits of Yoga

    Health Benefits of Yoga

    Even in a mostly non-aerobic form of exercise like yoga, there are some risks which must be considered before you start.  Information provided by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons shows that most injuries resulting from over-stretching and muscle strain.  Repetition will increase the likelihood of these injuries, so it is wise