Cat Pose

The anatomical focus of the cat pose is on the uterus. It is designed to relieve stress. It has the benefits of stretching the back and torso. It also provides for a nice massage for the spine and the stomach organs too. If you have a neck injury, you should learn to maintain the head in conjunction with the torso.

The cat pose is a pretty easy pose. Let’s go through a step-by-step introduction.


1. Get in a tabletop position on your knees and hands. Put your knees right below the hips and the wrists too, and make sure that the elbows and shoulders are in a perpendicular position to the floor. Put your head in a centered position, with your eyes looking down toward the floor.

2. When you exhale, round out your spine up at the ceiling, and make certain that you keep the shoulders and knees in the same position. Let go of your head to the floor, but don’t force your chin to go inward toward your chest.

3. Inhale again, and come back to a neutral tabletop position on both the knees and hands too.

4. Sometimes, this pose is combined with the cow pose on an inhale for a smooth, gentle vinyasa.

A beginner’s tip if you get some trouble rounding out the top of the back is to ask a friend to put a hand above or between the shoulder blades to help you get that area going. One preparatory pose is the Balasana. One follow-up pose is the cow pose.

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